Your First Visit

Your first appointment will generally last 1-~1.5 hours. As a new patient to check in for your appointment, you should fill out the paperwork which includes legal forms and medical intake forms. You can complete all of our intake paperwork before you come to the clinic. If you have problems downloading forms, please call the clinic receptionist; we will be happy to fax them to you.  

Download Clinic Paperwork

Based upon the information you provided in your medical intake forms, the acupuncturist will conduct an investigation of your chief complaint, and a detailed interview on medical history, such as past medical history, family history, and present physical, emotional, and nutritional conditions. In addition, your tongue will be examined, and your pulse in both wrists will be felt by the acupuncturist’s fingers, so that the acupuncturist can determine the pattern of disease.

On basis of all the information mentioned above, the acupuncturist will create an individualized treatment plan tailored to your age, gender, lifestyle, medical history, health status and pattern of disease. In the treatment plan, the acupuncturist will decide which kind of Chinese medical treatment you need, such as acupuncture, bodywork and Chinese herbal medicine. This special treatment plan will meet your exact needs.

After the consultation, treatment to be provided will not only focus on your main health concern, but also aim to balance your whole body.

After each treatment, you will be invited to schedule your next appointment.

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