Immune System Health

Introduction of Immune System Health

The immune system is a wonderful thing. Without it we would be totally consumed by bacteria and viruses. When we have low immunity, our body can become prone to get illness such as cold, flus, fatigue syndrome and even cancer.

However, it can bring hurt while protecting us. Immune system can overreact or react in response to something that is not a pathogen. Take allergy as a good example, when you breathe in the pollen, your body reacts as if the it were a disease causing pathogen and starts an immune reaction to combat it. Antibodies attach the allergen and then histamines are released into the blood, which cause the symptoms.

In America, there are about 35 million people that suffer from seasonal allergies, and conditions are even worse in the Northeast part of the country. Allergies can not only make you feel painful and uncomfortable, but also lead to other more severe adverse effects and seriously impact your life. The best thing to avoid allergies is to avoid the allergen. But that’s not always possible, especially when the allergen is floating in the air we breathe.

Since asthma and allergies are both caused by a hyper reaction of immune system, it is no surprise to those with asthma, that allergies make asthma worse.  The same allergen will also irritate your lungs and cause an acute flare up with many asthma attacks and difficult breathing. And conditions can be even worse for chronic immune conditions, the body becomes so hypersensitive that it can overreact to what should not cause a major reaction.

Traditional Chinese Medicine: An Individual Medicine to Keep Healthy Balance

Compared with western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, which has a very different perspective on health, is a completely different medical systems. Chinese medical practitioners view the body as a dynamic system of interrelated parts working together as a whole. They believe that a person is healthy when the dynamic system is working in a harmonious and balanced way, while disease arises when balance is lost. Therefore, Chinese medicine view the root reason for low immunity as imbalance of the body.

We all want to have strong immunity to keep healthy or want to create true balance in our bodies in Chinese medical view. Actually, we can do lots of things to promote and maintain healthy balance in our lives. But the problem is that everyone is absolutely unique and has his or her own individual conditions, which means, there is no one size fits all.

One of the most important conception traditional Chinese medicine brings to the western culture is that of  “individual medicine”, which means the Chinese medical practitioners arrive at diagnosis and choose treatment plan according to the individual conditions of the patients. They believe that people can get a same disease caused by very different reasons, which finally will lead to very different treatment plans.

According to all the theories mentioned above, to get balance in the body and keep a strong immunity, you need to find out what your own reason of your health problem is. At that point you can determine which treatment plan is appropriate for you, what sorts of food would serve you the best, and even which style of exercise would be most helpful. This is the strength of Chinese medicine.

Nowadays, our immune systems are being challenged more than ever. We’re seeing more and more chronic fatigue, recurrent colds and flus, allergies, etc. Many people keep wondering why they frequently catch colds and flu or fall ill. When they are around other people who are sick, they are always the first to pick it up and to become sick also. In the view of traditional Chinese medicine, you can keep your healthy balance of your body back and improve your immune system to avoid getting sick if you can find out what your own individual reason of low immunity is.

Find Your Own Individual Reason of Your Immune System Problems 

Chinese medicine considers that the immune system is strongly associated with the function of the internal organs. If these organs are well-balanced they will support the immune system and strengthen its function, which will prevent you from being easily affected by external pathogenic factors (colds, flu and other infectious or microbial diseases). According to the relationship between immune system and internal organs, you can find your own individual reason of your immune system problems.

In traditional Chinese medicine, lung and kidney dominate breathing, which institute the function of the first defense of the body. When functional disorder of lung and kidney occurs, the body will be more open to external pathogenic attack, because of which the body is easily affected by wind, cold and heat (external environmental seasonal changes) as well as by others who are sick with the flu or a cold. Common symptoms of lowered immunity due to lung and kidney disorder include sneezing, sore throat, runny nose, headaches and cough. People with lung deficiency are easily affected by hay fever, asthma, flu, cold, viral infections and pneumonia.

Spleen, stomach and liver, which affect the transportation, digestion and absorption of the food, are considered to be the major organs that dominate our digestive system. Disorder of these organs will make the body tend to illness relating to the food we eat, such as nausea, diarrhea, pain or bloating sensation around abdominal area, etc. In America, many people have food allergies, they can’t eat many kinds of food without suffering adverse side effectiveness. This condition can be changed after getting the balance of spleen, stomach and liver functions back.

If you have a condition of lowered immunity, we recommend your seeing Chinese medicine practitioner for a full check by the traditional Chinese diagnosis methods, which will be very helpful for you to find out which organs have affected your immune system. Then, treatment plan can be made according to your own individual reason of lowered immunity.

Choose Acupuncture to Boost Your Immune System

It is found that stimulating the immune system with modern drugs is difficult and often short-term effective. There are ways to strengthen your immune system without the use of expensive and sometimes dangerous drugs. Since Chinese medicine can help you find your own individual reason of your immune system problems, that is the imbalance of your internal organs, it can also offer you an individual treatment plan to boost your immune system according to your own healthy conditions.

The reason why acupuncture works is because of the manipulation of energies in the body, it can find your internal disorder and then regulates it by manipulate energies of your body.

In addition, Human studies on the effect of acupuncture have shown that it changes immune system response. Acupuncture may cause physical responses in nerve cells, the pituitary gland, and parts of the brain. These responses can cause the body to release proteins, hormones, and brain chemicals that control a number of body functions. It is proposed that, in this way, acupuncture affects blood pressure and body temperature, boosts immune system activity, and causes the body’s natural painkillers, such as endorphins, to be released.

In other words, acupuncture can kick the trigger of your immune system to wake up the inside healing power of your body so that antibiotics, vaccinations and other modern medical treatment method can have a better chance of working.

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